Chili Pheasent

1) Flatten pheasent breasts with meat mallet to ¬" thickness, then place 1 tb of green chilies

Oriental Duck with Snow Peas

1) Rince the duck breasts and pat dry. Slice them thinly 2) Mix the soy sauce, oil, wine,

Hungryman's Stew with Venison

Cut venison into chunks. In a large stew pot, lightly brown venison with chopped onions and Worchest

Big Bob's Shoulder of Venison

1) Season venison with the spices, rubbing in lightly, then spread the butter on the meat, cove

Pheasant with Black Olives

MARINADE 2 c Zinfandel 3 lg Shallots, peeled, thinly -sliced 5 Garlic clove

Quail Baked in Mushroom Sauce

1) Rinse the birds and pat dry inside and out. Season salt and pepper to taste, then coat with

Crockpot Quail

1) Rinse the birds and pat dry inside and out, season with salt and pepper to taste and coat wi

Crock Pot Venison Barbecue

Place venison, onion, garlic, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and seasoning in crock pot. Cook on hig

Chicken and Chinese Cabbage

Stir-fry chicken in 2 T oil until meat changes color. Add cabbage and both kinds of mushrooms. Cont

Savory Wild Goose Stew

1) Rinse goose meat and pat dry, then coat with a mixture of flour, and salt & pepper to taste.

Duck with Apple Dressing

1) Rinse the duck and pat dry inside and out... 2) Combine the remainder of the ingredien

Oven-Braised Pheasant with Sauerkraut

* skinned, trimmed of fat and cut into serving pieces (backbones included) Preheat oven to 300 degre

Carolina Saucy Venison Sausage and Pasta

Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05 Title: Carolina Style Polenta Categories: Italian Y

Roast Duck Stuffed with Apples and Grapes

Cover the duck giblets with water in a small saucepan and simmer gently for 1/2 hour. Drain, reserv

Squirrel Soup

Skin the body, cut off the feet and head, clean the inside and wash the body well. Let the body soak

Venison Sauerbraten

Place venison roast in a glass or earthenware bowl or baking dish with onions, bay leaves, peppercor

Stewed Rabbit

Mix flour, 1/2 ts salt and pepper. Coat rabbit with flour mixture. Cook bacon to crisp; drain and c

Bear Roast

1) Par boil the bear meat in 2 qts of water and 1 tb soda to eliminate the wild taste. 2) Seaso

Venison and 4-Beans

Brown venison and bacon. Put all ingredients in crock pot and crook for 4 hours on high temperature

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