Pork (Nz)

1. Finely chop the ginger and onions. 2. Cut the pork into thin strips and sprinkle with a well mix

Crawfish Risotto

1. Cut the bacon up and fry. Keep hot in oven 2. Use a little of the bacon fat to fry the rice. Sti

Asparagus Soup

1. Cut the tips off the asparagus 1 1/2 inches from the top and wash thoroughly. 2. Take the tips a


Method: 1. Beat the egg whites, salt and lemon juice/acid until the mixture is very stiff and dry.

Baked Fish Steaks

1. Lay the fish in a shallow dish. Pour the milk over the steaks and add salt and pepper. Leave to s

Spanish Cream

Save a small amount of the milk; put the rest in a saucepan, together with the sugar and vanilla and

Whitebait Fritters

Whitefish are tiny 2 inch white fish which are the young of a fish of the smelt family. They swim in

Scallops in Wine

1. Wash and drain the scallops, slice up the mushrooms, seperate the white from the yolks and lightl

Blackberry Pie

1. Add the blackberries and the juice of the lemon to a pot with 1 cup of water. Cook thoroughly, su

Mussels in Wine

1. After cleaning place the mussels in a butter casserole dish. 2. Add pepper and salt to taste and

Stewed Paua

1. Remove the paua from it's shell with a sharp knife. Cut away the pewa or soft part of the paua (t

New Zealand Pasties

CORNISH PASTIES 4 oz Finely diced RAW potato 4 oz Ground beef 2 oz Chopped onion 2 o

Mushroom Stew

1. Cut the stems of the mushrooms and peel the heads. Clean thoroughly and slice. 2. Cook mushrooms

Scalloped Oysters (Nz)

Method: 1. Mix together some of the crumbs, the salt and butter and add a little pepper. 2. Sprinkl

Rasberry Kisses

Cream butter and sugar well, add eggs one ata time, and beat again. Add sifted flour, cornstarch and

Tinned Toheroa Soup

Toheroas are considered New Zealand's greatest delicacy. Their flavor is quite unique. This shellfis

Sugared Tamarillos (Tree Tomatoes)

1. Peel the tree tomatoes and cut them into about six slices. 2. Put them into a tall narrow jar.

Chinese Gooseberry Cream

Method: 1. Beat the egg yolks well. Add the salt, cornflour and vanilla and after stirring add the m

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