Sweet Pickled Beaver

1. Wash beaver thoroughly with salt water, then let soak overnight in enough cold water to cover,

Mrs Ahle's Molasses Cookies

Mix in order given. The dough will be quite soft for nice spreading cookies or you can add a bit mo

Prairie Roast Chicken

Remove giblets and neck from chicken. Rinse and pat chicken dry inside and out. Tie chicken legs tog

Healthy&taste: Dufflet's Light Lemon Cheeseca

CRUST 1 c Graham cracker crumbs 1 tb Unsalted butter, melted 1 1/2 ts Corn syrup Crust: L

Mersey Point Salmon Sauce

Melt butter, stir in flour and blend. Slowly add the stock and milk. When sauce is smooth and boilin

Canadian Cheddar Soup

Salt In a heavy saucepan, melt butter, cook onion, carrot, and celery for about 5 minutes or until

Shrimp in Beer Sauce

Combine shrimp, beer, onion, lemon, bay learf, and parsley; bring to a boil; lower heat; and cook fo

Trout or Bass in Beer Sauce

In a large skillet, saute diced onion in hot oil until it becomes translucent. Add flour to onions a

Deluxe Peas

Preparation time 15 minutes, cooking time 10 minutes. In a large skillet on medium heat, melt butter

Traditional Almond Paste

Combine all the ingredients in order and blend well, using your hands when necessary. Sprinkle a bo

Christmas Oyster Soup (Soupe Aux Huitres De Noel)

Peel and grate in long thin shreads, the carrots and add finely diced celery. Melt butter in saucepa

Maple Snow

EQUIPMENT Pan or bowl Measuring cup Saucepan 4 small paper cups

Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars

FILLING 2 tb Custard powder; Bird's is -the most common brand 1/4 c Milk 2 tb Bu

Asparagus with Apple Vinaigrette

VINAIGRETTE: 1. In a saucepan, over medium heat, simmer the apples and honey in water until tender.

Prince of Wales Cake

WHITE PART 1 c Flour 1/2 c Cornstarch 1/2 c Butter, softened 1 c Granulated sugar

Grandma's Unsweetened Rolled Oat Cookies

FILLING 2 c Chopped dates 1/2 c Water 1/4 c Granulated sugar 1 ts Vanilla extract C

Mersey Point Solomon Gundy

Mix and refrigerate for at least four hours. Gives this appetizer a real twist by adding cubes of ca

Concord Grape Tart

EGG GLAZE 1 Egg 1 tb Water CONCORD GRAPE FILLING 2 lb Concord grapes 1/4 c Cornst

Mersey Point Smoked Mackerel Log

Remove skin and bones from smoked mackerel. Mix and blend smoked mackerel, cream cheese, lemon juice

Roast Loin of Venison with Savory Wine Sauce

SAVORY WINE SAUCE 3 c Beef stock 2 tb Butter Reserved venison bones 1/4 c Mince

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